Queensland launch new online approvals system

Queensland has launched a new online mining tenure management system.

The system allows operators to apply and manage its resource authorities online, as well as monitor the progress of applications.

“MyMinesOnline is now central to Queensland’s global competitive advantage,” Queensland Resources Council deputy chief executive Greg Lane said at the launch today.

“With MyMinesOnline, Queensland will be ready for the next upswing of activity across the resources sector.

“Industry has worked with the department hand in glove to deliver a system that meets both government and industry needs.

“The successful implementation of MyMinesOnline has meant faster approval and renewal timeframes for all commodity groups across 72 different types of transactions,” he said.

“It provides industry with greater transparency and certainty of the tenure application and ongoing management process. 

“The system also allows for a proponent to track their application through the assessment process and have a clear communication point with the department.”

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