Queensland cattle grid accident worth $1.2 million

A mining employee has sued the State of Queensland for a whopping $1.2 million, claiming a broken cattle grid was responsible for a car accident in which he injured his back.

In April 2012, 40 year-old Petar Borkovic was on his way from the Ensham coal mine to NSW when he struck a cattle grid with a protruding length of steel.

Borkovic said the car bounced violently, which injured his back, and he then continued to drive to the Roma Hospital.

Borkovic claimed that his speed was between 70-80km/h when he swerved, and the front tyre of his vehicle struck a hole in the grid.

It has been claimed that the accident was caused by failure to properly maintain the highway and cattle grid, which is a duty of the state.

It is also claimed that the responsible authorities were aware that the grid was installed in the 1960s, and that the recommended maximum life of a cattle grid is 20 years.

Borkovic has claimed $1,279,048 in damages for economic loss and gratuitous care and assistance.

Image: Rogerwendell

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