Queensland Bauxite’s project gets environmental approval

The Queensland Department Heritage Protection (DEHP) has approved the environmental authority (EA) for Queensland Bauxite’s South Johnstone project at Camp Creek, taking it a step closer to production.

The EA permit allows the company to conduct development work outlined by the mineral development licence (MDL) work program – which is subject to an MDL grant – in addition to the previously approved exploration activities in the South Johnstone region.

Queensland Bauxite believes the EA permit is “the last hurdle” and paves the way for a decision on the MDL grant in the coming weeks.

The company is also in the process of obtaining sales agreements with bauxite refineries for the South Johnstone ore.

The next stage for the project is to wait for the decision on the MDL grant and work towards attaining Mining Lease applications that will allow mining of all the identified bauxite ore resources at Camp Creek.

Capital expenditure for the project is expected to be $5 million and operating expenditure, $20.87 per tonne FOB Mourilyan Harbour.

The operational results from the MDL program will be a key part of the overall strategy to develop an export operation at South Johnstone for long term mining and exporting activities.

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