Queensland bans 100 per cent FIFO on large projects

The Queensland Government has passed a law prohibiting 100 per cent fly in fly out (FIFO) workers on large resources projects near regional communities.

The Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities bill bans a complete FIFO workforce and prohibits discrimination when recruiting local workers.

The ban mainly affects large resources projects that have more than 100 workers and are in an environmental authority within a 125km radius of a community with at least 200 residents.

The new law comes after a Parliamentary Inquiry into FIFO work practices in the resources sector which looked at a range of factors including the health impacts on workers and their families.

It also includes a recruitment hierarchy that prioritises recruitment from local and regional communities, followed by recruitment of workers who will live in a regional community.

“A major change is the new provision in the Anti-Discrimination Act that will prevent companies discriminating against locals in the future recruitment of workers and allow FIFO workers to move into the local community if they want to,” Queensland resources minister Anthony Lynham said.

In addition, the coordinator general will have the power to enforce compliance. This will include requiring companies to produce a workforce management plan and setting approval conditions on projects that breach the 100 per cent ban.

“The coordinator general will be able to set, monitor and enforce compliance with the conditions on new large resource projects through their environmental impact statements, which will need to comprehensively assess social impacts,” Lynham added.

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