Quarry ramps up to meet Ichthys LNG demand

The quarry industry in the Northern Territory is doing a roaring trade off the back of the $US34 billion Ichthys LNG project, with the HB Quarry set to increase production by more than 50 per cent.

The HB Quarry, located on the Arnhem Highway, has employed on extra staff, invested millions on infrastructure as demand for product increases.

The operation currently produces approximately 50,000 tonnes of material per month and has the capacity to produce up to 4000 tonnes of aggregates per day to suit client demand.

The site also boasts a fully mobile production and screening plant which can be transported to any location.

One employee who has worked at the quarry for 11 years says the Japanese company INPEX has bought a lot of business to town with its gas project, ABC reports.

"Our business was going along nicely without INPEX," Phil Thompson said.

"But now INPEX has brought in this extra work, and they need mega amounts of rock, infrastructure, transport, you name it. It's booming for everyone."

The quarry is suppling syenite for the project in various sizes from a filter rock which is spread onto the bottom of the trench made for the pipeline and an armour rock will be used to bury the pipe in order to protect it from hazards.

"It's amazing. They will just push this rock off a boat, in the water, and can land as much as they want, in the right place," Thompson said.

"So demand is huge. We're trying to ramp up… it's a good problem to have, isn't it?"

ABC reports that with demand so steep, and extra two quarries have been developed in the rehion in the last 18 months.

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