Quarry extension secures jobs

Lithgow Council's decision to extend the life of the Austen Quarry by another five years has ensured jobs in NSW's Central West.

It comes just over a year after the council agreed to extend Hy-Tec's Austen Quarry's operating hours.

This latest decision will see the site operate past its previous 20 year life, the ABC reports.

While the quarry was slated to close in 2015, the company stated that there will still be around 4.5 million tonnes of recoverable material after that date.

Lithgow mayor Maree Statham explained that the quarry is a major employer for the city.

"We have 30 people who work there on a daily basis, but they also engage truck drivers and lots of other people, with plant hire machinery, to convey that product to Sydney," she said.

"It's a very highly sought after product for cement, and it's a quarry that has a very good reputation."
The quarry mines rhyolite.

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