Quarry extension denied

Lithgow Council has refused an extension of operating hours at a local quarry due to safety concerns.

It denied the application from Hartley Rhyolite Quarry to open at 5:00am from Mondays to Saturdays, as it would put too many trucks on local roads at a dangerous time of the day.

The quarry also had plans to operate later into the night on weekdays.

The Council was concerned about the combination of trucks and ice during winter on the Great Western Highway and the Jenolan Caves Road.

"The main reason for objecting to the application was the fact that the safety on the road, particularly during winter," councillor Neville Castle said.

"With the trucks wanting to start at 5:00am, they would actually be in the area between 4:00am and 4:30am and, the belief of the councillors was that would be too dangerous.

"In the middle of winter as people can appreciate, particularly at that time of day, there’d be ice on the road and having large trucks and ice on the road, at that time of the day, certainly doesn’t mix very well."

It also received objections from the Blue Mountains City Council regarding increased heavy truck movements through the area early in the morning and during night.

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