Quality without the costs

Mining is undergoing one of the greatest challenges it has faced since the global financial crisis.

While the boom drove up the price of capital equipment, at the time it could be met because of the skyrocketing price of commodities.

Now that the commodity rout has well and truly taken hold, margins have slipped and the cost for many pieces of capital equipment remained high, similarly the costs of stocking and warehousing the equipment and its supporting stock.

When it comes to mining, set size parameters often dictate how large stock warehousing and distribution centres can be on site, and as the industry demand grows or shrinks as the sector reacts to outside influences, operators, suppliers, and manufacturers of mining equipment can find themselves with either a vast empty warehouse or no room left and machinery delivery being stalled.

Both these options are suboptimal which is why some operations are emptying their stocks, and clearing out their warehouses as a reaction to old market conditions, and in turn are restricting their ability to grow now that the market has begun its movement out of the economic trough.

Businesses need to have the ability to react to changing market demand, increases in their own productivity and output, and new market or product releases that break into new territory.

Having the ability to quickly ramp up when new business opportunities arise is critical for these operators.

However sometimes in the rush to take advantage of a quick ramp up businesses take the cheapest option, sacrificing quality and in the end costing dollars to save cents.

United Sales Group is focused on filling the undeniable gap being created in the sector by providing end-to-end services, and helping miners not just react to changing market conditions, but plan ahead to build the foundation for future growth.

Through United Sales Groups ability to develop supplier relationships quickly, and cost effectively, fill equipment needs without sacrificing quality, risk is managed and companies can now achieve new productivity in their business.

To find out more on how you can help your business stay supplied in the current turbulent market, enter new territories, and create chains to help get your product to the right market, click here to download the United Sales Group’s latest whitepaper to give your operation the edge it deserves.

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