Qteq secures NT jobs with expansion contract

Bottom hole sampling. Image: Qteq

Technology provider Qteq, which this year acquired Surtech Systems and WellServ, has secured a contract for environmental logging in the Northern Territory.

In a move that saves 22 regional jobs, Surtech and WellServ have been rebranded as Qteq Measurement Systems as part of the acquisition process, expanding Qteq’s footprint as a provider of technologies such as borehole magnetic resonance (BMR), spectroscopy an logging-while-drilling (LWD) services.

The company has grown from 40 employees to over 117 employees since launching in August 2017.

“We now have a platform for commercialising a range of new technologies in our R&D pipeline,” said Qteq chief technology officer Tim Hopper.

“We are an example of a thriving Australian company, more than 90 per cent owned by our Australian staff and management, that creates new opportunities through developing and applying technology.”

The NT contract will see Qteq utilise its borehole magnetic resonance (BMR) technology to provide real-time aquifer measurement to allow for the collection of accurate data related to subsurface rocks.

Qteq chief business development manager Stuart McCulloch said the acquisitions would provide customers with an integrated product offering for all geotechnical borehole logging requirements, especially for the groundswater and mineral markets.

“As a result of these acquisitions, Qteq expects to revolutionise the georesources market by offering the most innovative subsurface services and technology in Australia,” he said.

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