QRC welcomes North West province exploration

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has welcomed the government’s land release for exploration in the state’s North West province.

Exploration in the area will be open for tender this Friday and is the first land release in the state’s first annual exploration program.

QRC CEO Michael Roche said it was a major first step in “revitalising” one of the state’s key mining regions.

“Explorers in the North West wanted the government to release prospective land quickly and today’s welcome announcement is hopefully the start of more frequent land releases,” he said.

He added that explorers also sought an overhaul of the state’s current land release process to allow faster access to land.

The QRC also called for the state government to deliver more financial support to the Geological Survey of Queensland to gather more data in the North West province and further strengthen the state’s commitment to exploration.

In the release of the QLD budget, the government did not include funding to exploration initiatives. At the time, Roche said it was the first time in at least four governments that the budget did not contain specific program funding for geoscience programs.

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