QRC slam Greenpeace report

The Queensland Resources Council has slammed the latest Greenpeace report on coal, stating that it has 'zero credibility'.

Earlier this week Greenpeace launched a report entitled  Cooking the Climate, Wrecking the Reef: The global impacts of coal exports from Australia's Galilee Basin, which investigated the growing mining industry in the basin, in particularly Adani's coal mine, Gina Rinehart and GVK's joint venture Alpha mine, and Clive Palmer's Waratah coal mine.

According to the report "there are nine coal mega mines planned in the Galilee Basin alone, five of these will be bigger than any mine currently operating in Australia", that  will produce around "330 million tonnes of coal per annum".

It goes on to state that "if the Galilee Basin were a country, the carbon dioxide produced from using this coal would make it the seventh dirtiest fossil fuel burner on the planet", after China, the U.S., India, Russia, Japan, and Germany.

At the end of its report Greenpeace called on the Australia Government to halt all proposals to expand coal mining and exports, starting with the Galilee Basin.

The report was instantly slammed as a 'scary monsters' comic book by the Queensland Resources Council.

'Not satisfied with their February 2012 prediction that Queensland would be exporting 944 million tonnes of coal by 2020, Greenpeace’s 'scary monsters' unit has lifted their fanciful prediction to 1056 million tonnes of coal exports from Queensland ports," Queensland Resources Council head Michael Roche said.

Refuting the report's statistics, Roche stated in coal exports from the state over the 13 years to 2011-12 grew by a compound rate of 4.4%, or from 94 million tonnes to 165 million tonnes, and that over the past five years growth had only been 1.5% per annum.

So after the Queensland coal industry has managed to grow exports by a grand total of 71 million tonnes in the past 13 years, Greenpeace would have people believe that coal exports will grow by a further 891 million tonnes over the next decade.

"Put another way, Greenpeace has the Queensland coal industry growing more than six fold.

"It is simply not going to happen."

He went on to highlight the recent government's Bureau of Resource and Energy Economics (BREE) report in July that placed the "high-range outlook for coal exports for Queensland by 2020 [at] 327 million tonnes and a mid-range figure [of] 301 million tonnes.

"Who is the public to believe—the independent experts at BREE or the people from the scary monsters unit at Greenpeace, an organisation committed to shutting down the Australian coal industry?'

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