QLD supports new mine worker memorial

The QLD government is contributing to the construction of a new Moura Miners’ Memorial to honour workers who died in mining accidents.

Mines minister Anthony Lynham announced funding for the project the day before a memorial service in Moura to commemorate workers killed during an underground explosion at the Moura No.4 coal mine on July 16, 1968.

The state government will provide $25,000 for the project.

“The new miners’ memorial planned by the Moura Community Progress Inc is a fitting and lasting tribute to all the brave miners who have lost their lives in mining,” Lynham said.

Jim Pearce, member for Mirani and a former miner himself, welcomed the contribution from the government.

“I was pleased to raise the request for funding with the government and am excited the project will proceed and honour the memories of colleagues and be a reminder to all of us of the risks that miners face when going about their daily work,” he said.

Lynham also paid respects to other workers killed in Moura mining accidents; acknowledging the 13 lives lost in the 1975 Kianga No. 1 mine accident, and the 11 workers who died in the 1994 Moura No. 2 mine accident.

“Every death in mining is one too many,” he said.

“Valuable lessons were learnt from these mining tragedies and the recommendations from subsequent inquiries helped frame the strict mining safety and health laws we have in Queensland today.”

Lynham went on to say the memorial was an opportunity for the government, the mining industry, unions, and workers to reaffirm their commitment to ensure all miners return home safely after every shift.

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