QLD safety reset clears half of state mining workforce

The Queensland Government has revealed that the safety reset initiative in the state has reached nearly half of its 50,000-strong mine and quarry workforce.

Another 26,000 workers need to complete the workplace safety sessions before the deadline at the end of August.

Queensland Mines Minister Anthony Lynham highlighted the importance of workers attending these sessions following a spate of incidents at mine sites.

“More than 23,000 workers have joined management and union representatives to take part in safety resets at more than 160 mines and quarries,” Lynham said.

“That’s a lot of people, but the commitment from companies and unions in July was that every worker, at every site would attend a reset by the end of August.”

Lynham is set to report on the reset to Townsville regional parliament. He will name any sites and operators with workers that have not taken part.

The safety reset coincides with further reforms that intend to strengthen safety culture in the resources sector.

This includes sanctions for reckless behaviour and legislative reforms, such as the government’s proposal to actively consider the offence of ‘industrial manslaughter.’

As part of the safety response, the government is also recruiting three more mines inspectors and a chief inspector of coal mining.

Two independent reviews are also due back by the end of the year on why mine and quarry workers have died over the past 20 years and how industry can improve and work better alongside the mines inspectorate.

The Queensland Resources Council backs the government’s commitment to the safety reset, according to chief executive Ian Macfarlane.

“Safety is the priority for our industry and the safety reset is an initiative to reaffirm that message at every mine site to every worker,” Macfarlane said.

“The industry will continue to aim to have delivered the safety reset on all mine sites by the end of August.”

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