QLD property development underway with gas distribution company contract

One of Australia’s most innovate residential and marina projects has secured a connect and supply contract with leading gas distribution company Australian Gas Networks.

An estimated $13.2 million could be invested over the next 20 years to supply gas to the $600 million North Harbour development at Moreton Bay in Queensland.

$8.2 million is also expected to be invested in the company over a 20 year period, connecting 64 kilometres of piping to residential, commercial and retail properties.

The North Harbour project consists of 2,200 commercial properties, shopping centres, community facilities and a major marine project that includes a marina.

According to AGN Chief Operating Officer, Mr Andrew Staniford “From the very start, the North Harbour project has been designed to enable residents –whether they are residential or commercial –to benefit fully from the availability of natural gas to the entire precinct.”

“This project is being progressed with the expectation that each property will choose natural gas as an environmentally and economically beneficial energy source, part of a diverse energy mix in the home,” Staniford said.

A 170 hectare business park that provides significant employment opportunities is expected to be the centrepiece for the region.

In its first year of development, reticulation mains piping will be constructed to the initial two stages of North Harbour’s residential precinct, which is expected to accommodate its maiden residents in the first-half of the 2016 calendar year.

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