QLD mining safer

A report from the Queensland Department of Mining and Energy has emphasised improved mining safety levels in the State.

The report, entitled QLD Mines & Quarries Safety Performance & Health Report 2009-10, showed a massive drop in the days lost to lost time injuries, which fell from 17,387 to 10,335 days.

Queensland Resources Council (QRC) chief Michael Roche welcomed the report, which highlighted the improvements across the industry.

‘It’s extremely gratifying to see that there were no fatal accidents in Queensland’s mines during 2009-10, however it saddens me that there was still a fatal vehicle-related accident in one of the state’s quarries during the year,’ Roche said.

The safety report outlined the massive drop in medial treatment injuries from 924 to 546 as compared to the last year and overall showed a downward trend in time lost to injuries.

However, it did record a rise in high potential incidents, from 1022 to 1751, which was put down to improved reporting.

Roche stated that “while we can take comfort from these figures, QRC members continue to aim for ‘zero harm’ – that is, the elimination of fatalities and serious injuries in our sector.”

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