Qld government approves $1 billion gas pipeline


The Queensland government has approved a 600 km gas pipeline to be built from the Surat and Bowen basins to Gladstone.

The ABC reports that Arrow Energy plans to build an LNG processing plant on Curtis Island near Gladstone in central Queensland where it would liquefy and export coal seam gas.

The proposed pipeline would carry the gas from reserves in the Surat and Bowen Basins.

Further assessment can now be completed and the project requires final approval from the Federal Government.

The ABC reports that Queensland Environment Minister Andrew Powell says he is confident the pipeline will receive that approval. He claims that the project will be able to meet strict environmental standards.

"We've assessed it against what are largely widely accepted practices around the community," he said.

"We've been pretty good at building pipelines in this state for many decades – let alone probably this century.

"[We'll] bury it along the length of their 580-kilometre route across private land, roads, railway lines, water courses and importantly across wetlands, meeting the high standards we expect in this state.”

It is hoped that, in the construction phase, the project will create around 700 jobs.


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