QLD geological data upgraded to boost gas, mineral exploration

The Queensland Government has launched an online database of $4 billion worth of upgraded geological data to boost mineral and gas exploration in the state.

Acting natural resources and mines minister Mark Furner said the state’s entire seismic data set had been standardised and packaged, giving resources companies access to 60 years of complete information.

“Complete data is as close as you can get to geological equivalent of an X marking the spot,” he said.

Furner added that this was a “data goldmine” for resources companies looking for new gas and mineral deposits.

“Providing this data to exploration companies will give companies a head start of months or even years.

“By compiling and packaging this data, we are empowering exploration companies from the day they start doing business in Queensland,” he said.

When a resources company gathers seismic data in Queensland, they must give their findings to the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) as part of their petroleum licence.

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