QLD communities form mining alliance

Delegates from Queensland mining communities have joined together to form a state wide community mining group.

Named ‘Queensland Mining Communities’; the committee was formed in Mackay on Saturday, according to the Daily Mercury.

The ten member group includes people from Blackwater, Moranbah, Moura, Dysart and Collinsville and will later grow to include more towns.

Moranbah Action Group head Kelly Vea Vea was elected to lead the alliance.

Vea Vea told the Daily Mercury that mining communities did not have a voice when it came to their own future, but the forming of this alliance is set to change that.

“These communities generate more than $19 billion per annum in economic benefits in Queensland.

“We are a bunch of pragmatic people, with a passion for our communities; we support industry expansion and welcome new development. But we need liveable, balanced and sustainable communities for families to enjoy now, and during the massive expansion ahead," she said.

The committee is already set to attend the sitting of State parliament in Mackay to speak to politicians about developing a better approach to a more sustainable development of mining communities.

Image: Daily Mercury

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