QLD bans Kronic

Following in the footsteps of Western Australia, Queensland will move to ban Kronic in the state.

Queensland deputy premier and attorney-general Paul Lucas made the announcement that the Bligh Government will ban synthetic cannabinoids in the State.

This comes after Western Australia announced that from Friday, it will ban the use, possession and distribution of synthetic cannabis.

“Recently the QLD Police has become aware of the increasing demand for a synthetic cannabinoid product called Kronic,” Lucas explained.

“Advances in technology and people creating synthetic versions of banned drugs means we need to keep reviewing our laws.

People are constantly coming up with new mixtures and compounds that have the effects of cannabis but may not yet be banned because they are chemically slightly different from the listed substances. In light off this, the Government has agreed to ban synthetic cannabinoids.”

The Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2011 will amend the Drugs Misuse Act 1986 to revise the definition of ‘analogues’, which are currently substances that have a chemical structure and effect that are similar to illegal drugs.

This amendment will now move 15 substances under the umbrella of illegal drugs.
“This will allow us to stay one step ahead,” Lucas added.

He went on to say this matter was referred to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the intergovernmental Committee on Drugs.

“The TGA and intergovernmental committee are looking at what new approaches should be taken nationwide to deal with this issue,” Lucas said.

Kronic has reportedly been a serious issue at mine sites across Australia, particularly in NSW, QLD and Western Australia, where recent tested showed that nearly one in ten miners had used Kronic.

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