QAL bomb hoaxer said he was Osama Bin Laden

A Gladstone 19 year old has been prosecuted for making bomb threats to a Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL) employee.

Gladstone Observer said Nahum Nolasco rang QAL posing as Osama Bin Laden in May this year, and told an employee that a C4 package had been delivered and was supposed to have gone off, and that they should jump off a cliff.

The defense told the Gladstone District Court Nolasco was clearly acting immaturely when he made the call, as Osama Bin Laden had been dead for three years.

Nalasco said he and a friend were bored when they decided to make the call to a random number.

Judge Koppenol told Nolasco he had acted stupidly, and that if he was bored he should put on his joggers and go for a run instead of calling random people and making bomb threats.

Nolasco was on bail for marijuana possession charges.

Judge Koppenol fined the defendant $500 for the drug charges, and two years probation for the hoax.

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