PYBAR enters co-marketing agreement in Africa

Pybar has signed an agreement with Capital Drilling for the co-marketing of underground hard rock mining services in Africa.

The three-year agreement will allow Pybar to benefit from Capital Drilling’s expertise and relationships in the region, where the company has been providing drilling services for 15 years. Capital Drilling will also benefit from Pybar’s knowledge and competence in the provision of underground hard rock mining services.

While their focus remains on Australia, Pybar CEO Paul Rouse said that the large number of projects seeking to move underground in Africa presented an opportunity for the company to transfer their capabilities and best practice safety systems to a new market, adding that the partnership with an established player such as Capital Drilling will facilitate their entry into the African market.

Executive director of Capital Drilling Brian Rudd is confident the complementary strengths of the two companies will enable them to increase revenue and earnings. Commenting that the two companies are an excellent cultural fit, he added that Capital Drilling has a focus on safety, a solutions-based approach, and a commitment to customers.

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