Protestors arrested at Jondaryan

Two protestors were arrested yesterday after entering the New Hope Group coal loading site at Jondaryan during a rally.

Cassie McMahon a spokeswoman for the protest group Six Degrees, said two men climbed to the top of a coal stockpile and unfurled a banner which read: New Hope: Your coal dump is choking Jondaryan.

The men were arrested and charged with trespassing, The Chronicle reported.

McMahon said the group were protesting ‘over the rapid expansion of the coal and gas industry in Queensland.’

"We'll keep on fighting this issue (at Jondaryan) because we feel the coal dump is inappropriately located," she said.

Doris Lander, a Jondaryan resident for over 30 years said coal dust from the facility got on ‘everything.’

"I've been trying to get somebody in the government to notice our problem out here," she said.

"This is a great health concern."

CEO of The New Hope Group, Bruce Denney said actions were immediately taken to ensure the safety of the protesters at the site.

"We respect the right of anyone to voice their opinion but there are appropriate ways of doing this," he said.

"These people placed themselves in a potentially very dangerous position unnecessarily and also risked the safety of our staff at the site by their actions."

The coal facility is located 1.5 km from the town of Jondaryan and residents say the coal dust is contaminating air and water supply.

"We are forced to live in houses that are constantly shut up to reduce the coal dust entering their homes. The coal dump is making Jondaryan unlivable”, said local resident Glennis Hammond.

In a media statement earlier this year, The New Hope Group said they would move the loading facility more than 8 kilometres north-east of Jondaryan if the government approved stage three of their expansion project for the New Acland Project.

Image: The Chronicle

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