Prospectors find massive 753 carat sapphire

A fossicker has uncovered an enormous 753 carat sapphire whilst simply scanning the ground at the aptly named Gemfields, near Emerald, QLD.

The discovery of the golf ball sized sapphire, uncovered by ‘specking’, is believed to be the largest found in the last few years, according to The Morning Bulletin.

“This is an exciting find not just for the lucky fossicker but also for anyone thinking of heading out to the Sapphire Gemfields,” Central Highlands Development Corporation (CHDC) tourism development officer Peter Grigg told The Morning Bulletin.

“It goes to show that you can come to the largest sapphire gemfields in the Southern Hemisphere, explore and get your hands dirty, and hopefully walk away with a fantastic memento.”

Grigg added that “it’s also amazing how it was found. No digging, no panning, no shovelling. It was just picked up off the ground”.

The sapphire is yet to be valued, however the sapphire pictured (which is 593 carats) is valued at around $600.

Two years ago an amateur couple uncovered a 50.5 carat emerald during weekend prospecting.

Kevin and Libby Barrieault from North Carolina, in the US, found the emerald at the North American emerald mine in Hiddenite after only five minutes of mining

The mine’s owner valued the find at around US$10 000.


Image: Gem Rock Auctions

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