Prospector uncovers massive two kilo gold nugget

A prospector has uncovered a single gold nugget weighing in at more than two kilograms in central Victoria.

The man, Mick Brown, discovered the 87 ounce rock while prospecting alone outside of Wedderburn, according to 9News.

Brown dubbed the find the ‘fair dinkum’ nugget.

“It took a while to name it but everyone that looked at it was like “fair dinkum”, you know, so that’s what we called it, the fair dinkum nugget,” Brown told Nine news.

The nugget, at current gold prices, is believed to be worth at just over US$ 104,000.

In 2013 another prospector uncovered an 177 ounce gold nugget outside of Ballarat, Victoria.

Brown’s find is believed to have been discovered near the Pride of Australia nugget, which was uncovered in 1981, and weighed around 256 ounces, and was found in Mosquito Gully, near Wedderburn.

It also not far from where the Hand of Faith nugget, which is the largest single nugget uncovered with a metal detector and weighed in at 845 ounces, was discovered, and Cindy’s Pride, which was discovered in 1985 and weighed in at 159.3 ounces.

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