Prospect Awards: Liebherr Lifetime Achievement

Australian Mining is proud to announce the finalists for the 2020 Australian Mining Prospect Awards.

The Liebherr Lifetime Achievement award recognises an individual who has contributed to the mining industry through their business, social and community interactions over their entire career.

The Prospect Awards provided an opportunity to hear and revel in the achievements of the people within the industry, according to Liebherr-Australia.

“In a time where good, positive stories are few and far between, these awards offer a respite and a reality check that mining is a dynamic and innovative industry that’s here to stay,” the company stated.

“Liebherr-Australia would like to congratulate all finalists for this year’s Prospect Awards, and thank them for their contribution to the Australian mining industry. We look forward to the winners announcements, including for the Liebherr Lifetime Achievement award.”


The Liebherr Lifetime Achievement award is the most prestigious individual recognition award within the Australian Mining Prospect Awards and is determined through recommendations made by the judging panel.

The full list of Australian Mining Prospect Awards finalists can be viewed here.

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