Prospect Awards Finalists 2014: Manager of the Year

Finalists in the Manager of the Year category have been revealed.

Jo Corliss  – Rio Tinto’s Bengalla Mine

For her move from a cleanskin to supervisor in less than eight years, Jo Corliss has been nominated for this year's Manager of the Year award. 

Corliss commenced as a cleanskin operator with Mining and Earthmoving Services (MES), and spent a period of time at Mt Owen before joining Bengalla as a full time employee five years ago. 

Corliss was trained as a step up Mine Monitoring Supervisor and was appointed in the role full time in 2012 and is one of two frontline supervisors working at the mine.  

Corliss was identified as a talent within our Mining Department as a Mining Technician due to her initiative and drive. Although Corliss enjoyed operating heavy equipment, her true passion lay in a leadership role where she was able to work in a fast paced, high stress environment, coordinating labour and resources.

She would often spend periods of wet weather or downtime in the Mine Monitoring Supervisor (MMS) office learning the ropes and assisting the MMS. 

Since that time, Joanne has undertaken modular training and supervisor training and was appointed a full time Mine Monitoring Supervisor in 2012. 

Since taking on the tole, Corliss has driven a large amount of productivity improvements.

Cassandra White  – Miner’s Promise

For her work in helping to build a support organisation for miners and their families through the not-for-profit organisation Miners' Promise, Cassandra White has been nominated for the Manager of the Year award. 

Miners' Promise was established by those within the sector to provide an independent support agency for the men and women (and their families) employed within the resources industry. 

Individuals who have themselves experienced emotional and financial hardship or lost a loved one unexpectedly were the driving force behind establishing the organisation. 

The group works to support families in whatever it is they need in times of grief. This includes emotional, financial and/or pastoral support. 

White joined Miners' Promise in early 2011 as the inaugural executive director and worked to create a stable and sustainable future for the company which was struggling to find its financial footing. 

Using her high-level communication skills, White built the organisation's network by targeting mining CEOs, HR departments and mine site managers. 

She then organised to spend time at various sites to spread the Miners' Promise message to employees. 

Since joining Miners' Promise, White has helped to grow its membership base by over 1200 and has also garnered the support of over 70 companies.

Tim Lightfoot  – Safety MITS

Resigning from his job as a mechanic's apprentice paid off for Tim Lightfoot who went on to commercialise a world-first product and sell it into mine all over the world. 

Going from an apprentice to the manager of a world-wide technology company has seen Lightfoot nominated for Manager of the Year.

It was the brainchild of Lightfoot's business partner Kevin Cant while working on a Rio Tinto mine.  

TED has been designed to remove belly plates and undercarriage components with more efficiency and safety than ever before. 

"It does not matter if your machine is inside the workshop or broken down at the bottom of the pit TED can take it," Lightfoot said.  

The wireless Remote control allows personnel to work from a safe distance when removing heavy and awkward components.  

"By doing this you have removed the human element from underneath the equipment during critical lift tasks.  

"TED will not only save lives but substantial amount of time and money, by allowing maintenance to be carried out in the field or workshop more efficiently." 

Since the product's launch two years ago at AIMEX, more than 20 units have been sold.

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