Prospect Awards Finalists 2014: Innovative Mining Solution

11 companies are in the running to win this year’s Innovative Mining Solution award.

11 companies are in the running to win this year’s Innovative Mining Solution award.


ChekRite has been recognised for the development of a vehicle checking system that provides a complete alternative to traditional, paper-based, clipboard checklists, and has been nominated as an innovative mining solution.

It is designed to ensure compliance and consistency in vehicle inspections around the nation, as well as reducing the time and cost involved with vehicle inspections. 

Air Springs

Air Springs has been nominated for Innovative Mining Solution award for its environmental pipeline stoppers.

Its method of stopping and sealing pipelines for maintenance and environmental protection applications involves inflatable pipe stoppers that can be easily deployed, easily transported and widely applied in urban, remote, temporary and permanent industrial situations and prevent possible toxic spills.


Bradken has been recognised for the Innovative Mining Solution award for its PenetratorMAX range of ground engaging tools.

The product is a step up from its Penetrator cast lip range.

It incorporates features such as horizontal hammer free locking pins to provide improvements to safety, point life and machine availability. 

Unlike competitors' products which also incorporate horizontal adapter hammer free installation and removal it system takes goes one step further by allowing the pin to stay in the adapter for the duration of its life, meaning it does not need to be removed when changing a point.

Chocolate Coded

Chocolate Coded has been recognised for its innovative mining safety development the Touch Information Kiosk Solutions (TIKS).

Prior to TIKS workers had to rely on hard copy health and safety documentation, which required multiple handling and lost productivity, or information only available on desktop computers.

TIKS provides a user-centric touch screen design for mobile devices for the access of workplace health and safety documentation more quickly and easily.

Mine Innovation Fund

The Mine Innovation Fund has been recognised for its development in 3D down the hole high pressure water drilling.

In the Mine Innovation Development's 3D down-the-hole high pressure water drilling technology, the delivered (water) energy is managed at the point of drilling for BOTH (a) hole orientation and (b) shape in 3D to suit the final purpose of the hole.

The ability to change the shape of the drilled hole can produce 3D hole patterns for explosive breaking.ts. Similarly, the ability to cut away a cavity in a rock formation can greatly improve underground mining safety in roof bolting systems.


Bendtech has been recognised for its development of the innovative E-Hub mobile workstation with a nomination in this year's Australian Mining Prospect Awards.

The innovation itself is a mobile workstation that allows for an operation to fully harness efficiency and boost safety at the same time, allowing workers to connect systems, tools, and culture directly to the workshop floor, all whilst allowing workers to notify supervisors of issues, and track work progression.

Fenner Dunlop

Fenner Dunlop's development of a new safety management plan has seen it nominated for the Innovative Mining Solution award.

In response to afatality on its site Fenner Dunlop developed its Critical Risk Protocols project, to identify risk, the appropriate response, and how to negate the potential off the same risks arising in the workplace. 

J&S Engineering

J&S Engineering have developed a simple and cost effective way of keeping the top sub thread on drilling machines in a more serviceable condition, increasing thread life in drills rods by more than a third, and won themselves a nomination for Innovative Mining Solution in the process.

 J&S fit a machined top sub to fit the bolt on the saver sub, dramatically cuts the time taken to carry out a saver sub change out, and address environmental issues associated with drilling.


MineARC has been ­nominated for the development of a sustainable waste management system for underground mines known as EnviroLAV.

MineARC's recent technological endeavour is a low maintenance, low impact, environmentally friendly portable latrine, suitable for the harsh conditions of the mining industry. 

Released to the market in 2013, the EnviroLAV has already been embraced by multiple mine sites.

SOTO & Leussink

SOTO Engineering and Leussink have been recognised for their development of a safer wheel change tool.

SWIFTA, the "Safe Wheel Installation Fitting Transportation Apparatus" is built for safer wheel changes where a miner's interaction with LHDs is of significant safety concern.

Towing and movement of large equipment in an underground mine is one of the most significant hazards that miners are exposed to during each shift.

The mine Tow Hitch provides a better solution to this issue by maintaining a rigid connection. It increases control of movements while towing heavy equipment underground, such as shuttle cars and other rubber tyre machinery.

Team Engineering

TEAM Engineering Services has designed and built an innovative re-locatable cable arch which allows heavy mining equipment to cross dragline and shovel trailing cables and other services.

Cable arches are structures used to lift electric cables and other services high enough off the ground so that vehicles can travel past without damaging those cables or services, allowing for a second access point to the shovel enabling double-sided loading of trucks which increases productivity substantially.  

The result of cable arch design is that it makes the process work more smoothly and efficiently and the net result is greater productivity and profits for the operator.

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