Prospect Awards Finalists 2014: Excellence in Mine Safety

There are a whopping 11companies competing for this year’s Excellence in Mine Safety award.

Action Drill & Blast

Action Drill & Blast (ADB) has spent four years developing and implementing a world class safety system with the objective of leading the industry in professionalism and safety, and in turn has been recognised with a nomination for Excellence in Mine Safety.

 'ActionSafe' has successfully embedded safety into the Company's culture and resulted in an outstanding safety record to date including  a LTIFR of zero and no LTI for more than two years.


Blundstone have developed a new mining underground mining boot that has been nominated for the Excellence in Mine Safety award.

It created a fit-for-purpose, fully waterproof underground mining boot that provides increased comfort, reduced weight, no leakage, easy on-off lacing system, extended wear life and longevity.

Some wearers also noted a reduction in existing ailments, such as knee and back pain/strain.


For its innovative features improving wear life and safety Bradken's Twistlok Plate Lip Ground Engaging Tool system has been nominated for the Excellence in Mine Safety award.

The Twisklok pro points have a helix nose style and feature up to an additional 15 per cent wear materials in critical wear areas to prolong point life, requiring fewer change out which in turn increases safety due to fewer needs for manual handling.

Executive Risk Solutions

For its provision of mine site security and unique response to increasing global risk to the resources industry as well as crisis and emergency management, Executive Risk Solutions has been nominated for the Mine Safety award.

 The company has provided tailored outsourced crisis and emergency service models to a number of mines, and developed a unique rapid intervention vehicle.

Fosterville Gold 

The Fosterville gold mine has been recognised for its Excellence in Mine Safety for the development of a worker friendly and environmentally sustainable diesel emission exposure program.

The mine developed a risk based approach and developed a diesel emissions management plan that takes a holistic view, from establishing base line data for emissions from its heavy vehicle underground mobile fleet onwards.

Fenner Dunlop

Fenner Dunlop's development of a new safety management plan has seen it nominated for the Excellence in Mine OH&S award.

In response to an unfortunate fatality on its site Fenner Dunlop develops its Critical Risk Protocols project, to identify risk, the appropriate response, and how to negate the potential off the same risks arising in the workplace. 

In implementing the program it carried out a massive change management procedure.


MineARC has been nominated for the development of a safer  sustainable waste management system for underground mines known as EnviroLAV.

MineARC's recent technological endeavour is a low maintenance, low impact, environmentally friendly portable latrine, suitable for the harsh conditions of the mining industry. 

The EnviroLAV has already been embraced by mine sites across Australia.

Safety MITS

The vision of two tradies to create a better, safer way to replace dozer belly plates has seen them nominated for the Excellence in Mine Safety award.

Kevin Cant developed a new remote controlled all terrain belly plate jack to aid in the removal of heavy equipment belly plates and undercarriage equipment without putting workers at risk while at the same time increasing the speed and availability of maintenance services as well as reducing maintenance downtimes of equipment due to the potential for infield servicing.

ROCK Australia

For achieving an amazing two years lost time injury free, which consisted of more than 1 000 000 million man hours, ROCK Australia has been recognised with a nomination for the Excellence in Mine Safety award.

For this not so simple feat alone, in a year that has seen a high number of mining injuries and fatalities, ROCK Australia should be lauded. 

ROCK is committed to the highest levels of safety, quality and environmental management.


For its efforts to increase safety and improve upon its already ctting edge escape technology, Safescape has been nominated for the Excellence in Mine Safety award.

The company is already well known for its Laddertube escapeways for underground mines, and now the company has improved upon this technology by adding an extended ladder climb assist to aid in workers' escaping from underground mine incidents.

The system provides weight relief of between 25 and 55 kilograms for climbers ascending or descending an extended length escapeway.

Rio Tinto

For the development of a safer and more efficient way of opening spigot valves to regulate tailings flow, Rio Tinto Weipa's Stephen Fairbrother has been nominated.

The hydraulic valve opening tool greatly reduce the time required to do the job, and also eliminated potential injuries that are possible due to the force required to open the valves coupled with their awkward position.

The tool allows the operator to stand in a correct position and hold on to a cross bar that reduces manual handling, eliminates potential impact injuries, and reduces the needed to conduct the job, as well as slashing the associated fatigue of the task.

Rising Fast

Rising Fast are a group of scaffolders from WA who have developed a rigid tagline extension point, for fixing taglines to loads ready for cranage.

The extension allows a rigger or dogman to grasp the tagline on an incoming load without having to stand underneath the load.

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