Prospect Awards Finalists 2014: Contract Miner of the Year

Five companies will fight it out for this year’s Contract Miner of the Year award.

PYBAR – Aurelia Metals' Hera Gold-Copper

PYBAR Mining Services is a nationwide provider of mining services with core competencies in underground hard rock mining.

The company has a strong track record in delivering decline development projects ahead of schedule and cost effectively, through its commitment to efficiency and productivity.

At Aurelia Metal's Hera project in NSW, using just a standard mining fleet in an application requiring in-cycle fibrecrete and dual rock-bolt ground support, the company has achieved an average of 290 metres per month, including three months of performance greater than 320 metres, in an environment of restricted number of available headings.

Past approaches that have achieved this rate of development have relied on specialist technologies.

The ability to deliver this outcome using a standard fleet enables in-house equipment maintenance, capital cost reduction, flexibility and post-project disposal value. 

Pybar says decline development is now well ahead of schedule at Hera.

Ausenco – Century Gold Mine project 

Ausenco Rylson was engaged by global resources company MMG to review the existing maintenance program at its Century Mine in north-west Queensland and establish a baseline for improvement and maintaining the mine's existing availability performance targets while reducing costs.

The innovative approach implemented to achieve this involved the delivery of a large-scale risk-based optimisation of maintenance frequencies, an entrepreneurial delivery method and a lot of confidence in the ability of the team.

If Ausenco Rylson didn't achieve stated performance targets of at least 10 per cent savings in site maintenance costs, then it wouldn't receive payment for its services.

A comprehensive five stage methodology was devised and rolled out seamlessly across the site, with Ausenco Rylson's cost reduction initiatives enabling MMG to reduce Century Mine's lifecycle plan costs by tens of millions of dollars and achieve a reduction in lifecycle plan costs exceeding the initial target cost reduction.

ROCK Australia – ROCKSAFE program 

ROCK Australia has recently reached a great milestone of 2 years LTI free consisting of over 1,000,000 million man hours.

ROCK says it has achieved this by effective leadership, systemisation, making people accountable for their key responsibilities and embedding a strong safety culture throughout all levels of the business.    

The company is service provider for the mining industry in the fields of drill and blast, ground support, mine site survey and monitoring and a provider for mine site products in the way of cable bolt manufacturing.

Attributing its safety success story to a robust company culture, ROCK says it places at the forefront of everything it does.

ROCK operate at sites in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia, with further international works in Asia, Africa and Europe and has successfully delivered over $300M of works to mining and civil clients in the last three years.

Columbus Group – Heavy train project 

For its efforts in developing new systems that addressed the crucial issue of heavy haulage train performance, the Columbus Grouop has been nominated for the 2014 Contractor of the Year award.

For both commuter rail networks and heavy ore/freight train services, the Columbus Group improved heavy train performance package makes for less overall wheel squeal averaged along the whole train, and real time operating speed changes to counter the effects of side winds and other external loadings on the trains.

This countering helps to keep the train moving at the desired speed and keeps the entire system moving to scheduled times, or close to.

Package includes multiple cost effective dynamic load sensors attached to rails on many sleepers, particularly in track sectors like curves, and radio interconnected to a manual signalling or automated control system in the cab of the loco system passing through that particular track sector.

Action Drill & Blast – ActionSafe project 

Action Drill & Blast (ADB) has spent four years developing and implementing a world class safety system with the objective of leading the industry in professionalism and safety.

'ActionSafe' has successfully embedded safety into the company's culture and resulted in an outstanding safety record to date which includes a lost time injury frequency rate of zero, no lost time injury for more than two years, and a total injury frequency rate of 3.59.

The system comprises scheduled and unscheduled processes (inspections, audits, behavioural observations) which are driven from all levels within the organisation -right to the frontline of operations.

Performance is reviewed at set intervals to maintain focus on continuous improvement.

The company said ActionSafe is all about participation and is the result of four years' development by industry-experienced safety professionals and thought leaders and has been driven by the vision of the general manager to 'lead the industry'.

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