Prospect Awards: Austmine Innovative Mining Solution

Australian Mining is proud to announce the finalists for the 2020 Australian Mining Prospect Awards.

The Australian Mining Prospect Awards Austmine Innovative Mining Solution award recognises a mine, company, or project that has developed a unique mining solution.

“Austmine is a long-term supporter of the Australian Mining Prospects Awards and we are pleased to yet again be sponsoring the Innovative Mining Solution Award category at the 2020 event,” Austmine chief executive officer Chris Gibbs Stewart said.

“The Australian Mining Prospect Awards and similar events are critical in raising the profile of Australian innovation and technology.

“We congratulate all finalists and winners on their phenomenal achievements in 2020 and look forward to celebrating the best in METS innovation at future events.”

The finalists of the Austmine Innovative Mining Solution award are:

CPC Engineering, trac skirt system

The trac skirt system (TSS) improves vital elements of skirt refit and repair with a smart design to save costs and time, while increasing safety for mine operators and maintenance personnel.

The trolley guide rail allows for trouble-free removal and refitting of the skirt and can be fitted onto a current structure along any length of the conveyor.

CPC has developed a locking mechanism that will match up to the first offset washer to lock individual wear liners and prevent them from moving up, which stops the liner from dropping even if the bolts loosen.

Displaced skirts can result in extra wear on the conveyor line, dust particles becoming airborne and material spillage, which the TSS negates to improve maintenance efficiency and dust suppression.

Emesent, Hovermap

Avoiding inaccessible areas in underground mines is critical to safe operations as they can endanger personnel, infrastructure and equipment.

Mining engineers and surveyors are required to regularly inspect and map these areas but the traditional cavity monitoring system (CMS) mapping method is time consuming and produces low quality point cloud data.

To overcome these issues, Emesent has designed the drone payload Hovermap, which combines advanced simultaneous localisation and mapped-based (SLAM) collision avoidance and autonomous flight technologies to enable accurate mapping of any GPS-denied environment.

Hovermap can fly into inaccessible areas like stopes, drawpoints, orepasses and drives to capture high quality, shadowless cloud data while handheld, mounted on a drone or attached to a vehicle, keeping personnel away from these areas.


IMDEX BLAST DOG is a semi-autonomously deployed system for logging material properties and blast hole characteristics at high spatial density.

As a commodity agnostic system, BLAST DOG is unique, with no other technology having the capacity to produce the same data and affect mine-to-mill efficiency.

The blast holes are logged while sensors measure properties to provide ore body knowledge, data from which is transferred via IMDEXHUB-IQ to optimise blast design and take the guesswork out of drilling and blasting.

BLAST DOG improves productivity, efficiency and safety, part of IMDEX’s Internet of Geosensing initiative to significantly increase mine-to-mill efficiency.

Other benefits include reduced fumes, adverse vibrations, improved fragmentation, improved material control, indication of reactive ground and reduced flyrock.

JWA Oilfield Supplies, DURA-BASE composite matting system

DURA-BASE composite maps are interlocking modular panels made of recyclable HDPE, with UV stabilisers used for urgent reliable access and ground improvement for heavy equipment.

The maps can be installed with little or no ground preparation and can be used over waterlogged sites without waiting for the ground to dry.

They can be relocated across multiple sites, are reusable and recyclable, do not require crush rock top-ups after rain and do not absorb or retain water.

This saves cost and improves productivity, as rail service crews do not need to wait for a site to dry out before having access to it, allowing for more uptime at mining operations.

The maps also improve safety, removing the necessity for a high-risk manoeuvre of using a multi-crane lift of the locomotive section, which weighs more than 90 tonnes.

The full list of Australian Mining Prospect Awards finalists can be viewed here.

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