Proposed changes for New Acland mine

New Hope Group have put forward updated plans for the expansion of the New Acland mine which includes moving the controversial coal loading facility at Jondaryan.

Under the new proposal the amount of land used for mining activities would be halved, creek diversions will be scrapped and the coal loading facility will be moved 8kms from Jondaryan.

In announcing the proposed plans, New Hope Group said it had listened to community and government concerns and had ‘compromised on a number of key elements.’

However, the company warned that the mine development was necessary in order to keep the mine open after 2017.

“If the current New Acland operations do not continue, redundancies could begin as early as 2015 and the operations would close in 2017, chief executive Rob Neale said.

Neale said the plan will extend the mine’s life to 2029 and provide over 100 new jobs.

“The plan will also provide an annual $530 million injection into the south-east Queensland economy and $8 billion over the life of the mine.”

Earlier this month two protestors were arrested after they entered the site at Jondaryan in protest of the facility’s close proximity to the town.

"We'll keep on fighting this issue (at Jondaryan) because we feel the coal dump is inappropriately located," a spokeswoman for the protest group said at the time.

Doris Lander, a Jondaryan resident for over 30 years said coal dust from the facility got on ‘everything,’ while residents have written to us here at Australian Mining saying they are forced to keep windows and doors shut due to the dust from the coal pile.

A spokesman for New Hope told Australian Mining that a final decision on the changed plans was in the hands of the state government.


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