Pricing carbon key focus: QRC

Government policies are standing in the way of economic development in north-west Queensland, the state’s leading industry body says.

Chief executive of the Queensland Resources Council (QRC), Michael Roche will speak at the first Mining the Carpentaria conference in Mount Isa today and he said a key focus of discussions will be pricing carbon.

"We need to remind the Federal Government that the north-west depends on it getting its carbon price policy right," he told the ABC.

"If we get the carbon pricing policy badly wrong then we won’t have a long-term future in smelting and refining, which are of course energy intensive activities."

Upgrading the rail corridor to Townsville will be crucial to the state’s future economy, he said.
"It is a line that continues to suffer just about every wet season with outages.

"We need to bring that line up to world standard to cope with the growth that we expect will continue to be there, provided we get some of the other policies right.

Image: The Brisbane Times

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