Preventing welders flash in workshops with Flexshield’s welding screens

Workers employed in welding workshops are often exposed to the risk of welders flash, potentially causing long-term damage to their eyes. Welders flash or arc eye is a preventable danger that occurs during welding through exposure to intense ultraviolet and infrared radiation, the effects of which are not felt immediately. Welding machine operators or even people in the vicinity are vulnerable to this exposure, which can cause inflammation in the cornea and may often develop into more serious infections.

Safework Australia recommends several safety and control measures to be implemented in welding workshops to prevent workers’ exposure to welders flash. These measures include installing non-flammable welding screens and partitions; signage warning passers-by about welding in progress; restricting entry to the work area unless appropriate PPE is worn; and ensuring welders use the right PPE such as filter shades for goggles, face shields, gloves and protective clothing to cover exposed skin.

Welding screens

Welding screens deliver the best protection from welders flash by acting as a barrier between the welding operation and the proximate environment. Welding curtains or solid screens can prevent UV radiation from the welding process affecting other workers in the vicinity; however, it’s also important to ensure the welding screen is thick enough to provide the necessary protection.

Traditional welding screens with a 0.35mm thickness not only risk tearing but can also burn when sparks or splatter fall on them. The flimsy material is also difficult to manage with even a slight breeze disturbing the screen during welding operations. Inferior quality welding curtains can make a workshop appear below industry standard to clients, expose the business to potential litigation, and increase costs from frequent replacement of damaged screens.

Flexshield’s welding screens

Welding safety systems from Flexshield are designed to address all the inadequacies of traditional welding screens, offering a failsafe barrier solution against welders flash. Flexshield offers Weldflex 2mm thick welding strips and 1mm thick welding sheets that combine durability with excellent resistance to tearing or burning to provide the assurance of long-lasting protection.

Flexshield mobile welding screens feature a strong galvanised steel construction with heavy duty castors, allowing the screening system to be flexibly moved anywhere in busy workshops.

Flexshield’s welding strips and sheets are compliant with AS/NZS 1554.3:2014 Standards.

Weldflex sheet curtains

Flexshield’s 1mm welding sheets are designed to withstand long periods of exposure to welding sparks and splatter. The versatile curtains can be used to replace existing screens in mobile frames, hung as a sliding partition or used as a solid barrier to restrict access to the welding zone. Eyelets on all four sides of the welding curtain allow the screen to be tied or laced to the frame or hung off curtain rings to create a sliding curtain. The welding curtain can also be fitted to Flexshield’s sliding rail to enable unrestricted access to the operational area.

Weldflex welding strips

Flexshield’s 2mm welding strips deliver a flexible screening solution to welding workshops with the overlapping strips allowing long fabrications to protrude right through the screen without compromising safety. By freely falling back into place, the welding strips ensure continuous protection against welders flash without relying on the human element.

Tested and certified for long-term performance

Flexshield offers the assurance of long-term protection against welders flash with Weldflex welding strips and sheets third party tested for conformance with AS3957:2014. The Kanga certified welding curtains come with a durable anodised finish for the aluminium support rails and non-wear fixings. Flexshield’s replacement warranty covers any screen damaged under reasonable use.

Flexshield welding curtains and welding strip curtains are customised to fit actual application sites to ensure fool-proof protection against welders flash.

Protect your workers against welders flash by installing Flexshield welding curtains in your workshop.

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