Pressure mounts for coal seam gas bans




The Victorian Opposition is set to introduce a motion to parliament next week calling for a moratorium on unconventional gas exploration.

The ABC reports the motion will push for a ban on exploration until a 12 month inquiry consults farmers, local councils, and other stakeholders on the impacts of coal seam gas.

Opposition energy spokesperson Lily D’Ambrosio told the ABC coal seam gas exploration was a relatively new industry in VIC and there was "sufficient cause for concern" over some industry practices.

"We know that there is some evidence in Queensland of contaminations that have been found in ground water," she said.

Some landowners in prospective CSG regions have also expressed concern about the industry and a lack of community consultation.

The State Government told the ABC it was open to reviewing community consultation but it was also confident the CSG industry was well regulated.

While CSG is in its infancy in VIC the industry has been a significant source of gas production in QLD for over ten years.

Image: Carbon Signal

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