Predicting impending machinery breakdowns using SmartCheck

The initial signs of impending breakdown in machinery can include tiny changes in vibration that warn of excessive wear in the bearings.

If these subtle warnings go unheeded, the rumbles can lead to energy wastage, under-performance, with downtime, lost production and hazardous removal and replacement of the offending parts the end results.

Now thanks to the FAG SmartCheck online measuring system from Schaeffler Australia, continuous online machine measuring and predicting breakdowns is possible.

The FAG SmartCheck online measuring system enables the early detection of rolling bearing damage, imbalances, and misalignments on diverse plant including minerals, manufacturing, petroleum, energy processing equipment, electric and geared motors, gearboxes, compressors, vacuum and fluid pumps, ventilators and fans, spindles and machine tools, separators, decanters and vibrating screens.

The data is recorded and analysed by the system, with the machines’ condition displayed directly on the device or transferred to another control facility if required.

For more precise and customised monitoring, a component template stored in the device can be selected for peripheral applications such as fans or pumps.

The FAG SmartCheck online measuring system also has an integrated rolling bearing database containing data for FAG and INA standard bearings allowing users to add further rolling bearings to the database at any time.

If you would like to know more about the FAG SmartCheck online measuring system from Schaeffler Australia, download the white paper: Palm-size FAG SmartCheck: Cost-efficiently detects those subtle rumbles that warn of maintenance woes.

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