Predicting and Optimising Pump and Pipe System Performance

A key focus for mining engineers is ensuring that all their processes are flowing at peak productivity.

Whether it be mining machinery, construction, plants, or pipelines that act as arteries for the entire operation; all aspects must be working at optimal levels.

As the mining industry slows down, operators are now prioritising how they can make their existing and future operations more efficient. When it comes to pumping and piping technology, the need for these improved efficiencies is significant. In underground mines, the provision of clean water and the removal of dirty water kilometres underground can be an expensive exercise in construction, power, maintenance costs and equipment downtime particularly if the system is not optimised.

Technological progress is also becoming increasingly critical as environmental restrictions grow tighter, with sites requiring more water recycling and waste water handling capability.

New software is now enabling operators to address their water management and distribution issues. By using software to plan and model an underground pump/pipe system, a reliable, safe and fully optimised system can be designed before implementation.  In addition, an existing system can be reviewed and considerably improved upon.

Pumpsim™ – 3D Pumping Simulation Software

Chasm Consulting, the developers of the popular Ventsim™ software, have just released their new product Pumpsim™; a fully interactive 3D pumping simulation tool designed to help improve mine pumping/pipeline design, efficiency and productivity.

Pumpsim™ assists engineers in:

  • Easily constructing 3D pipe models;
  • Estimating optimal pipe sizing at operations;
  • Modelling and simulating many different types of data, including:
    • Pipe and pump pressure
    • Flow quantities and velocities
    • Open and closed pipes and channels
    • Tank and dam structure and capacities
    • Fluids with different viscosities and densities
    • Valves and sprays
    • Costs and efficiencies
    • And much more.

Pumpsim™ utilises a sophisticated dynamic 3D graphics environment, driven by a fully interactive user interface. The Pumpsim™ 3D engine allows for full 3D modelling with smooth rotation, zoom and pan, as well as real-time animation of liquid/slurry flow through the model.

Pumpsim is also capable of importing existing designs and solids from CAD/DXF files to give engineers and consultants support in more efficiently designing new systems and in improving their existing pump and pipe flow systems on site.

By having the ability to determine optimum pump and pipe specifications, as well as accurately predicting flow and system behaviour, operators are able to identify and mitigate potential critical and costly errors in their pumping and piping system designs.

To find out more on how you can actively improve pumping and pipe flow in your operations, contact Chasm Consulting about the Pumpsim™ 3D software package today!

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