Position Partners covers all angles with Blindsight

Position Partners

Blindsight uses visual, auditory and haptic alerts.

Position Partners has begun distributing the heavy industry’s latest collision avoidance technology Blindsight across Australia and New Zealand for new developer Presien.

With 300 offices in Australia, southeast Asia and New Zealand, Position Partners was chosen by Presien to enhance access and implementation of the artificial intelligence (AI) safety system.

Blindsight uses an integrated camera and AI software to learn and understand the surroundings of heavy industry operators – in both fixed and mobile applications.

Presien chief executive officer Mark Richards explained the motive behind Blindsight.

“We developed Blindsight because we wanted to create a world where every worker is safe and every employer is successful,” Richards said.

“Using AI allows us to protect workers in the most complex of situations and quantify safety metrics all at once.”

Blindsight detects people, vehicles, traffic cones and objects unique to each individual site.

To identify the existence of these unique objects, the AI software receives automatic updates for constant improvement.

The system incorporates in-cab visual, auditory and vibration to alert operators.

Position Partners chief executive officer Martin Nix said the distributor was proud to enhance the safety of multiple heavy industries.

“Increasing safety around working heavy machinery is of paramount importance to our customers, so we are excited to announce our agreement with Presien and introduce Blindsight to the building, civil and mining sectors in Australasia,” Nix said

Nix added that trials over the previous few years have been very successful and gave Position Partners a lot of confidence in the product across the region.

“Feedback from early adopters has been extremely positive, particularly around Blindsight’s automated detection of people without the need of a wearable tag,” he said.

“It is an excellent example of how artificial intelligence can be used to benefit humankind.”

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