Portable nitrogen generators from Atlas Copco Rental

The coal and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) industries carry with them the inherent dangers of fire and explosions.

Thankfully, in 2015, there are ways to minimise these risks.

For example, nitrogen is used in these sectors to ‘blanket’ or cover equipment and reduce the risk of combustion. It can create an inert environment for tanks, pipelines and so forth. And it improves the safety of workers involved in cleaning, testing, transportation and the like.

By renting portable nitrogen generators, you can supply your own nitrogen and ensure the safety of your operation.

Atlas Copco Rental offers generators in a range of sizes and shapes to suit all needs. They can produce nitrogen of various purity, pressures and flow rates to suit individual operations.

Safety is improved by matching the right machine with each application. It eliminates the risks associated with handling high pressure cylinders and ensures no large quantities of cryogenic liquefied gas are needed.

Portability means flexibility. You have your own machine where and when you need it. And when you are finished you can simply return it.

The NGM 280 and NGM 2000 nitrogen generators, for example, can generate nitrogen with purity between 95 and 99.5%.

As membrane nitrogen generators, their working principle is based on membrane air separation. A membrane or bundle of hollow fibers with a polymeric structure allows nitrogen to pass but other gases (like oxygen, water vapour and CO2) to permeate. Compressed air enters at the inlet of the generator, and nitrogen exits at the outlet.

The NGM 2000 is a self-contained nitrogen generator unit which comes with all necessary controls, piping and fittings required for operation.

It features a three section module design – an air pre-treatment section, a nitrogen membrane section and a nitrogen outlet section – which is intended to provide purity control.

In addition, it offers local control with local read out, warnings and shutdown display. It offers pressure dew point indication and actual N2 outlet flow.

The smaller NGM 280 Mobile Membrane Nitrogen Generator measures just 1245mm x 820mm x 2090mm. It can deliver nitrogen at 35 – 200 Nm³/hr and features a CE certified lifting frame.

Fast and easy to start up, these nitrogen generators can be relied upon to produce an uninterrupted reliable supply, no matter the location.

Users face no transportation costs and can rest assured that wastage and downtime are not issues. If something does go wrong, Atlas Copco Rental provides 24/7 service support from experienced technicians.



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