Port Hedland gets new common use infrastructure

Lumsden Point at Port Hedland has been announced as the new location for the Pilbara Maritime Common Use Facility.

According to WA commerce minister Simon O'Brien, the site will be used as a slipway, and for loading facilities for a number of sectors, particularly the mining industry.

The Point was chosen as, apart from Perth, there are no other common use infrastructure facilities in Western Australia.

“Industry is keen for infrastructure of this type in the north of the State to enable them to take advantage of the economic opportunities in and around the Pilbara area,” O’Brien said. 

"Lumsden Point is primed and ready to house both the infrastructure and related service industries needed for Western Australian-based businesses to compete for work packages flowing from the State's major project proponents.

"Apart from the Australian Marine Complex south of Perth, there is no other common-use infrastructure of this type in Western Australia. A PMCUF will help to fill a much needed gap and ensure work stays in WA – creating jobs and insulating Pilbara’s economy.

The next 14 months have been labelled as critical to the region.

"Four feasibility studies, funded with $5million from the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program, are currently under way,” WA regional development and lands minister Brendan Grylls said.

"The studies will identify the front-end engineering and design; market demand; economic and industry diversification; and financial viability of the project. This data will form the basis of a business case that will go to Cabinet to determine the next phase of the project."

The development is part of the wider Pilbara Cities Vision.

The Pilbara Cities scheme aims to increase the amount of affordable housing and revitalise the amenities in the towns. 

The funding for this program has been sourced from Royalties for Regions, a Government scheme which invests revenue gained from the resources sector back into the areas they came from. 

Around 25% of the money collected from Pilbara mining royalties was being re-invested in the region.

In its budget for 2010-11, the State Government declared it will have dedicated $977 million to Pilbara Cities between 2008 and the end of the 2013-14 financial year. 

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