Poll gives Adani’s Carmichael mine the green light — just

A poll undertaken by human resources organisation, Mining People International (MPI), has indicated that industry personnel narrowly back the development of Adani’s Carmichael coal mine in Queensland.

In a close result, MPI revealed that 53.5 per cent of the around 500 votes cast were in favour of the controversial project proceeding.

About a third of the respondents live and work in Queensland, according to MPI.

“As you may have seen during the recent Queensland state election the Adani mine was the subject of a considerable amount of voter polling into Queensland electorates – and regional Queensland electorates, specifically,” MPI said on its website.

“The results of those polls showed a majority of people wanted the mine to go ahead.

“It cannot be proven by our poll, but it is probably fair to conclude that if our poll only attracted 33 per cent of its voters from Queensland, but it still received a 53.5 per cent yes vote, then the yes vote in Queensland was almost certainly much higher.”

Other feedback MPI received from the poll included why people voted the way they did, with a 31.5 per cent majority responding yes because the mine would create jobs.

However, 26 per cent responded no because they believe the mine will damage the environment.

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