Police protect CSG meeting in Brisbane

Police have formed a line to protect coal seam gas miners in Brisbane from angry protestors.

Close to 100 protestors blocked the CSG 2011 conference at the  Sofitel Hotel this morning, forcing police to create a line across the hotel’s driveway to stop activists from entering the building, the Courier Mail has reported.

Queensland environment minister Kate Jones also became trapped in the building due to safety concerns.

Security reportedly told the minister protestors would assault her car when she attempted to leave.
The conference is focused on the growth of CSG and the outlook for the industry across the eastern seaboard.

Coal seam gas exploration and drilling has been under increased scrutiny following a number of incidents involving well explosions and claims of water contamination and dubious extraction methods.

Protest leader Drew Hutton, who is also head of the Lock the Gate Alliance which is focused at keeping CSG drillers from farming land, said not enough is being done to ensure the industry is safe.

These claims were echoed by NSW Resources Commission chief John Williams, who said “Australia needs to establish more sustainable land use planning before coal seam gas (CSG) mining is permitted.”

Today is the first day of the two day 9th Annual CSG 2011 conference, which sees the likes of Metgasco, Westside Corporation and LNG Limited and others gather together to discuss the future of the industry.

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