PM says there will be no change to mining tax

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has sought to reassure the mining industry that the Mining Resources Rent Tax will stay as is.

The move comes as the Greens released a report that the new tax would raise $115 billion less than the original super profits tax proposed by the Rudd government.

“This would be a perverse outcome at a time when the mining industry is already putting a huge strain on the rest of the economy,” Senator Brown said in a statement.

However Ms Gillard said that the tax, due to start in 2012, would remain so as not to add extra turbulence to an already volatile economic environment. 

"Is this really a time for anybody to come to this parliament and say the MRRT should be opposed … in view of the profitability of mines and the pressures we know are on other sections of the economy because of the high Aussie dollar?" she said.

Ms Gillard also used the opportunity to hit back at the Coalition which still opposes the mining tax, branding it as irresponsible.

"Is this really the time for anybody to come to this parliament and say that a minerals resource rent tax should be opposed?" she said.

image: Andrew Mears/SMH


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