Pirie declared suitable mining export point

A government review found Port Pirie to be a feasible place for the mining industry.

Accounting firm Deloitte reviewed a 2011 Resources and Energy Sector Infrastructure Council report, which ruled out Port Pirie and opted for deep-sea port alternatives instead.

But the latest regional mining infrastructure plans state Pirie would be more cost effective and suitable compared to three other locations, the ABC reported.

The Port Pirie Council was satisfied with the outcome of the South Australian Government review but the city’s Mayor Brenton Vanstone said he is aware the export facility at Port Pirie may be temporary.

“What we’re please about this latest report is that it has put a costing on what road and relevant infrastructure costs would be and also a port upgrade but it also said that Port Pirie has a capacity of 20 million tonnes,” he said.

He added the next step is to find the right investors.

“It shows we do have the support of Government, support at [a] departmental level as well as at Government level,” he said.

“But we all know in the current economic climate that we’ve got all the plans in place now…we just now need the financiers with the capital in place.”

The reviewed mining and infrastructure plans are available for public discussion.

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