Pilbara set to bake through heatwave

A heatwave in the Pilbara is set to send temperatures soaring past 49C.

A spokesman for the Bureau of Meteorology said records were set to be broken in a number of Western Australia’s northern regions with 49C-50C temperatures forecast for today.

Miners are being warned to drink plenty of water and take regular breaks.

This time last year temperatures reached 50 degrees at Rio Tinto’s Mesa A mine site near Pannawonica.

A welcome board at the site registered the high temperature as early as 1:37pm in the afternoon.

Tips for workers to stay hydrated include:
•Drink small amounts of water every 15- 20 minutes
•Avoid drinks that cause dehydration such as alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks
•Monitor urine output- urine should be clear to light straw coloured
•Take regular breaks
•Monitor the condition of co-workers – unusual clumsiness can be a sign of heat stroke
•Work at a steady pace and do strenuous work in the cooler part of the day

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