Pilbara FIFO still booming

Fly-in fly-out workers will make up more than 83 per cent of the Pilbara’s mining workforce by 2020, according to the Chamber of Minerals and Energy.

In a new report outlining the region’s future workforce needs, the CME said the construction boom would peak this year and employment numbers would fall as projects came into operation.

The CME said while the number of FIFO workers in the Pilbara was expected to rise, the region’s permanent population would also grow, and over 72,000 people would call the Pilbara home by 2012.

WA Minister for mining and petroleum Norman Moore told ABC News higher investment would help develop mining communities in the state’s northwest.

But he also said investment needed to be sustainable and much of the Pilbara’s workforce was for temporary construction.

“There’s no point in relocating people and spending lots of money on housing and all the things that go with that if they’re only going to be working on that project for say five years during the construction phase,” he said.

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