Pilbara Cities getting underway

The WA Government is calling for expressions of interest from Australian developers in the revitalisation of South Hedland.

The Western Australian Government has invited major developers across the country to become involved in what it calls the revitalisation of South Hedland.

As part of its Pilbara Cities initiative the WA Government is seeking expressions of interest from suitable developers for a 1.2 hectare site in the middle of the mining town.

The site to be developed is a $23 million land release, the first under the State’s Royalties for Regions program.

According to State Minister for Regional Development Brendan Grylls, South Hedland lacks adequate levels of residential, retail, office and commercial space, and the successful developer will be asked to create a landmark development to provide options for local businesses and create a focal point for the community.

“This is a chance for major developers to gain a foothold in the Pilbara, express their individuality and stamp their own creative mark on the new South Hedland,” he said.

The project was also expected to include up to 95 apartments, which Grylls said will help to establish a new style of living in South Hedland as more people make the move to the resource-rich Pilbara region.

“A new generation is moving to the Pilbara and existing and future residents are demanding modern accommodation, and a mix of housing that is different to the traditional single residential home,” he said.

“They want townhouse and apartment-style living appropriate for the climate and boasting a high quality lifestyle.

“This is a timely opportunity for a major developer to take up the challenge and recreate the Pilbara.”

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