Perenti demobilises workforce from Bongou

Perenti has suspended operations at Semafo’s Bongou mine in Burkino Faso following last month's security incident.

Perenti has suspended operations at Semafo’s Bongou mine in Burkino Faso following last month’s security incident.

Five buses, with members of Perenti’s workforce from African Mining Services (AMS) on board, came under fire travelling between the mine site and Fada Road.

AMS has finished demobilising its workforce from the Bongou mine via helicopter, ensuring it will continue to do everything possible to provide the best possible care for those injured, and their families.

The contractor has issued a notice of force majeure in relation to the Bongou project, based on the heightened security risk in the region.

Semafo may issue an orderly termination of the contract should the circumstances continue.

After AMS’ consideration of advice received from external security consultants and government agencies, the security landscape of Burkina Faso has been assessed and the company has determined its exiting of the AMS Bissa contract in northern Burkina Faso.

The contract was due for renewal on the December 31 2019, however, it has notified Nordgold that it will exit by December 14 2019, assisting the owner with the transition.

Perenti has a further three Burkina Faso contracts for Sanbrado, Siou and Yaramoko, all located in central Burkina Faso, but considered to be a lower risk region.

The contractor will continue to operate these sites while closely monitoring the ongoing security situation and has precautionary controls in place commensuration with the stated threat assessment.

Meanwhile, Perenti’s Surface Mining Industry Sector Group (ISG) has secured a $165 million in new and extended contracts.

Perenti managing director Mark Norwell said the positive progress being achieved under the leadership of recently appointed Surface chief executive Scott Winter, includes improvement to their African surface mining business, AMS.

“This work is across a range of commodities and geographies for both new and existing clients, reflecting our diverse capabilities and our focus on delivering value and certainty to our customer,” Norwell says.

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