Pastor Blaster: Shot fired in mining protest

A pastor in Western Australia was arrested after firing a warning shot above workers’ heads in Mount Margaret.

The Kalgoorlie Miner reported that Pastor Geoffrey Stokes, a prominent Goldfields activist, was taken into custody by Laverton police on Wednesday after a confrontation with mining staff engaged in activity near the base of Mount Margaret Hill.

The pastor was alleged to have fired a shot above the heads of the workers after finding the “mining action”.

Pr Stokes’ wife Christine Jeffries-Stokes told The Miner that Mount Margaret Hill is a historically and culturally significant area, and that her husband had attempted to stop any disturbance to the area.

“Apparently some permissions had been given by others there who are actually probably not aware of the significance of the area,” she said.

“He [Pastor Stokes] went back to the mine to tell them they needed to stop their activity because they were disrupting the significant areas.

“They ignored him and allegedly he fired a shot, I’m not sure about all that, but they’ve gone to the police and alleged that he fired a shot over their heads and so he’s been arrested.”

Police confirmed 52 year-old Stokes had been arrested and charged with various firearms offences, but were unable to release the name of the mine site where the incident occurred.

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