Particle & Surface Sciences releases new drill core analysis instruments

Drilling cores are extracted and analysed during energy exploration, hydrogeological surveys, and geosequestration operations to provide information about the underlying strata. A key objective of the sampling is to determine the percent porosity of the formation, an important factor in forecasting volumetric yield of the strata, assessing the potential of the formation as a storage medium, or understanding the infiltration and movement of groundwater.

Over the years, geological scientists have used a variety of methods to determine drill core porosity. Knowing the envelope and skeletal volumes of a core sample allows the total pore volume and percent porosity of the sample to be determined. Since a core typically is a right circular cylinder, simple physical measurements of its diameter and length allow the envelope volume to be calculated.

A gas displacement pycnometer is a low-cost, non-destructive, non-hazardous technique for measuring the skeletal volume. However, this technique involves a very tedious process because the maximum volume sample chamber capacity of existing models requires the geological scientist to break a core into many smaller pieces that are then analysed and an average of the multiple analyses used to arrive at a reliable value for the skeletal volume.

Micromeritics’ Custom Engineered Products group has recently designed a gas displacement pycnometer to address the specific need of a customer who seeks to measure the pore volume of drilling cores without having to break off small pieces that fit into a standard sample chamber.

Micromeritics custom engineered the popular AccuPyc II 1340 with a large sample chamber measuring approximately 2000cm³ in volume to accommodate a 95mm diameter core of up to 278mm in length, improving sampling statistics by eliminating the need to run multiple analyses. The sample chamber can be customised to accept essentially any one of the various core sizes used throughout the world for reservoir evaluation.

The Micromeritics Corepyc, available from Particle & Surface Sciences is a custom instrument for drill core analysis designed to test drill cores intact without breaking them. Suitable for analysis work in mineral research, deep drilling exploration, promising underground reserves, precious minerals in ore, oil and gas, rock parts and mineral exploration, the custom drill core analyser allows testing of unusually shaped large items.

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