Palmer strikes back, this time against News Ltd.

Clive Palmer has fired across the bow of News Limited over reporting of Queensland Nickel’s recent financial dealings.

“Many media reports, particularly those by News Limited, have been untrue and alarmist based on a personal vendetta against me by Rupert Murdoch after I publicly said his former wife Wendi Deng was a Chinese spy,” the member for Fairfax said in a statement this afternoon.

“Mr Murdoch has never refuted these comments.”

Palmer suggested that New Limited photographers at his home this morning acted in breach of section 227A of the Queensland Criminal Code.

“As yet the Queensland Police have failed to take action against media breeching this code, saying the press were entitled to do so,” he said.

“Rupert Murdoch has unprecedented control and is a threat to democracy in this country. Is his power so great that it influences how the police do their work?” Palmer said.

Palmer’s nickel refinery business Queensland Nickel (QNI), now under voluntary administration, and his other companies China First and Waratah Coal are under scrutiny for recent financial dealings.

Dealings include removing QNI CEO Clive Mensink as a director of China First and Waratah Coal and replacing him with Palmer’s wife Anna, and making China First and Waratah Coal secured creditors of QNI before announcing redundancies or that the company would go into administration.

At present 227 workers sacked from the refinery last week have not been allowed access to their redundancy entitlements, and the Australian Workers’ Union says QNI does not have the funds to pay them.

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